At BodyOptimizers.com, we care about your health as much as you do.

Body Optimizers is a growing group of zealous natural health advocates, committed to highlighting and showcasing every product, brand, company, and ingredient online for what they truly are.

Our Litmus test for all product we write about on this website

Ultimately, our review philosophy can be boiled down to two central questions:

1) Will the information benefit our readers?

2) Will the information answer readers’ questions, arm them with the information they need, and help them make an informed decision?

If a particular review doesn’t meet those two requirements, it’s not published on our website.

There are so many supplements out there, and a handful of them are out to skim money from buyers. We thoroughly research any product we intend to write about and ask ourselves “Can we ever buy this product if the need arise, based on what our research has shown us about it?” If the answer is a big NO, then you won’t find us talking about it on our website unless we want to expose them for the world to see. This can be quite tedious and not so rewarding in the short run, but we don’t care. We would only support what works and steer clear of any shady company or product out there. BodyOptimizers.com is a health product review and information website that aims to introduce some much-needed honesty and transparency to the world of online health reviews.

At BodyOptimizers.com, visitors will find detailed reviews of popular products currently available online. Those products come from categories like nutritional supplements, health, and immune boosters and general well-being products.

Body Optimizers aims to help customers differentiate between legitimate products and scams by providing intelligent, well-written reviews from real customers.

Does Body Optimizers Personally Test Each And Every Product?

There are millions of products available on the internet today. Understandably, the main goal of Body Optimizers was never to test every product featured on the site.

Instead, the main goal was to collect information about these products from a diverse range of sources. That information includes reviews from legitimate users, information from independent testing, and data from the product’s official website or manufacturer.

Body Optimizers use all of this information to paint a complete picture of each product.

The supplement industry is over $38 billion annually big, and we reckon that quite a large chunk of that goes to the bad guys; we’re here to help the customers make the right choice when buying.

We exist because we care. Most if not all would agree that, health is the true wealth of life and in a crowded supplement space, we set out to simplify your search by reviewing each and every product we can find to our best ability.

The whole goal is to provide quality as a priority in everything we put out. To help prove accurate, informative, organized information and awareness from all of the publicly available sources we can spend the time finding.

No matter what every aspect of diet/nutrition/foods, to fitness/workouts/exercises, to smart devices/wearables/interactive technology and of course supplements – we review anything new that deals with health & wellness as we see it as our duty to raise awareness towards natural solutions and alternatives to living a higher quality life.

We want to build awareness.

We want wellness, not illness.

We think ignorance is not bliss and know intelligence is for those blessed enough to seek and search the truth. We hope to help be a beacon of light and a universal platform for ‘enhancing’ health.

From skin care to hair care, weight loss to dieting, fasting to superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to probiotics and essential oils – we got you – taking you through the thick and thins of all you need to know about each product.

From vegan products to natural herbs to energy drinks to muscle-building workouts and fat-burning exercises, we plan to give you the 4-1-1 on all things HEALTH & SUPPLEMENTS.

We know that is why you are here – and see it as our fruitful duty to find and locate the necessary wisdom required to making more informed and better-educated decisions on which supplements work, are beneficial or even outright scams.

There are 6 that make up a high-quality supplement in our view:

1) Ingredients (pure, natural, organic)
2) Manufacturing company (made with care & commitment)
3) Social Results/Proof (real, legit & credible)
4) Price Points/Discounts (available coupons & deals)
5) Refund Policy (if any or did not work what happens)
6) Overall Vibe (the feeling and trustworthy business habits and practices)

Obviously, these factors will tell ANYONE out there searching if the product, company or system is going to be a worthwhile investment – we believe that you are here for the betterment of yourself and that is why we aspire to give you the truth you want to hear!


  • Simeon Clark

    Biohacker, Holistic Health Advocate, and an explorer of the body's natural healing mechanisms. He lives in North Florida. Simeon secretly believes intermittent fasting is a wonder drug everyone should add to their diet. Other than that, He's always looking out for products and programs that are TRULY beneficial to the body.