Bioptimizers KApex Supplement Review: A Genuine Keto Optimizer with Results?

bioptimizers kapex review

This Kapex review is that of a fat-burning, energy-giving, digestion improvement supplement.

Every health-conscious person recognizes the significant role of keto; Its result-driven promise and practical effectiveness are quite alluring, as it helps burn fat.

But, there is a negative downside to the Ketogenic diet, Paleo, and low-carb diet, which is that of sluggishness due to low energy, keto flu, fat digestion, utilization, and mobilization.

This is why the guys at Bioptimizers produced Kapex to help combat the downsides, making Kapex the ultimate ketogenic optimizer

Although it can be used by anyone and still deliver lots of optimization benefits, it gives more benefits to those on Paleo, Keto, or low-carb diets. It enhances all aspects of Ketogenesis by improving the digestion of fat, fat utilization, and fat mobilization. 

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Kapex supplement

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Aside from improving digestion, Kapex has a way of helping the body burn on clean energy produced from the breakdown of fats. And there’s nothing to worry about with the energy-giving benefits of Kapex, as it doesn’t contain caffeine or any stimulant substance.

Instead, fats from your keto, Paleo, or Low-carb diets are converted efficiently into energy you can use all day, helping you make the most out of your dieting. 

How Kapex Keto supplement works

The methodology behind the effectiveness of bioptimizers Kapex: it breaks down the fat into very tiny fatty acids using lipase (it has 4 different lipases in it), Dandelion root extract, and Betaine HCL. Then L-carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, and once the fatty acids get into the mitochondria, Innoslim helps burn them in the mitochondria giving you the energy all day long.

Other ingredients such as CoQ10, 7 Keto DHEA, and Astrazyme help in the overall efficiency of the mitochondria. For those that don’t know, the mitochondria are the energy powerhouse of the body(the cell).

kapex ketogenesis optimizer

Overview of the Bioptimizers Kapex supplement  

Made from a host of vegetable cellulose, rice extract, and other natural digestive enzyme sources, it transforms how your body responds to the things you eat on the keto diet. It also ensures you enjoy access to smooth, constant energy to go about your daily activities.

The Bioptimizers Kapex supplement works by breaking down fats from your food into fatty acids. It also assists the transport to the liver and drives the creation of energy. 

Nevertheless, be mindful Kapex supplement is not a magic pill or some concocted mixture that puts you in harm’s way. 

Aside from it being a digestive enzyme for ketogenic diets, It is specially designed to help you achieve weight loss without extreme calorie restriction or exercise and unwanted symptoms. It also helps lower inflammation, support cardiovascular health, and eliminate bad cholesterol.

To help you better understand how the supplement works, let’s look at some of its ingredients, and show their benefits with scientific evidence. 

Kapex Ingredients

Fat digestion

Unhealthy levels of cholesterol, especially elevated triglyceride levels, are caused by the inability to break down and use up your fat intake and are dangerous. Science connects these unhealthy cholesterols to health issues such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and pancreatitis. 

With Kapex supplements, you can say goodbye to all of these problems because it contains the right kinds of lipase to break down fats from your diet. 

Kapex’s blend of 4 lipases can work at different pH levels and ultimately lead to a lift in your energy levels from the first time you take it.

Your bile is also critical to fat digestion. In truth, it is one of the main reasons you can break down most of your fats. Kapex contains dandelion root, which further speeds up your fat digestion and utilization. Therefore, you are not only digesting but using them as well. 

Protein Digestion

The keto diet needs more protein than carbs, but some people may overdo the proteins. When you consume too much protein, the excess will be used in creating more carbs, which spikes your insulin levels, compromises your gut health, and results in weight gain. Kapex contains a trip-phase protease blend that breaks down all your protein molecules into small, and simple amino acids. 

Produced in the United States in an FDA-approved facility, it also contains a special AstraZyme nutrient that ensures over 60% of amino acids are transported through your intestinal tract. In turn, this will help you make good use of your protein intake. 

Normally, most people can only break down 50%, and only about 25% goes through the tract. Therefore, when you make good use of the proteins you eat, you can promote recovery and gain more muscles with your workouts. 

HCL and Stomach Digestion

A lot of people have lower natural HCL levels which also leads to digestive issues such as GERD and heartburn. One of the Kapex ingredients for fine digestion is hydrochloric acid(Betaine HCL). It works with the protein and lipase enzymes to boost metabolism. 

Energy Levels

kapex boost keto energy

Kapex contains a patented ingredient called InnoSlim which can alter how your body burns fatty acids inside your body’s energy cells (mitochondria). 

The InnoSlim will boost energy burn by 300% in your fat cells, 22% in your liver, and increase the fat-burning hormone, adiponectin by 248%. It will also up GLUT4 by 488%, which supports the regulation of glucose in your body.  By increasing the GLUT4 expression in your body, you won’t burn any fat as it will be directly sent to the muscles where you burn them off directly. 

This accelerated energy burn will help you avert chronic fatigue, so you can have a swell time on the keto diet while achieving all-around weight loss. 

Bottom line, InnoSlim cranks up your natural energy and helps your body keep your blood sugar levels low—all while increasing your insulin sensitivity. 

All of these are vital for fat loss.  

In addition to all that, InnoSlim works even better with the other nutrients present in kApex, which target digestion and energy. 

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7-Keto DHEA

Bioptimizers Kapex supplement also contains 7-Keto DHEA. This is the most expensive ingredient in the supplement and one of the most important. The 7-keto is specifically for activating the PPAR alpha in the brain and cells to help make peroxisomes, burn fat and speed up weight loss. 

Several studies already support the use of 7-keto for weight loss. In one study, 7-Keto DHEA taken for 8 weeks alongside diet and workouts led to more reduced weight than the traditional regime alone. It has also been scientifically proven to lower appetite and lead to a significant increase in daily metabolism. 

One of the best parts is that you can shed excess pounds without bringing about undue harm to your central nervous system. This is so unlike the use of caffeine and ephedrine that can increase your blood pressure, causing undue stress and anxiety.


The Kapex supplement also contains L-Carnitine, which has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels and help boost weight loss. One study showed a loss of over 2.9 pounds than regular obese individuals. 

L-Carnitine has also been shown to affect your brain function positively, so it’s a win-win situation for you. 

Benefits of KApex

  • Improve fat mobilization
  • Turn protein into amino acids
  • Upgrade digestion and energy
  • Reduce bad cholesterol
  • Removes lipase deficiency
  • Improve energy level
  • Enhances metabolism and digestion
  • Makes fat burning faster
  • helps avoid bloating
  • Improves focus and productivity

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How to take the Kapex Supplement

Bear in mind that your dose may also depend on your age, underlying health factors, and activities. 

The Kapex enzymes are amazing and safe, but you should consult your doctor before using the supplement. 

However, we recommend taking 3 to 5 capsules, depending on your body weight on an empty stomach. It’s better to take it first thing in the morning for optimum benefits. 

If you prefer taking them with meals, then you can take 1-2 capsules with meals, but avoid taking them after 4 pm. This is because it might drive too much energy that could disrupt your sleeping patterns.

For instance, Matt Gallant, one of the co-founders at Bioptimizers tested the product by taking 5 capsules at about 4 pm, on an empty stomach, and guess what? He couldn’t sleep all night. He had more energy to go all night which means that kApex works as it’s meant to work.

Concluding Thoughts

The Kapex supplement combines a lot of terrific ingredients that would make it all worthwhile. If you are worried about fat and protein digestion, and energy control, you can use this supplement as well. 

The Kapex supplement is meant to help boost your digestion, aid weight loss amongst other tremendous benefits. It has also been specifically designed with your safety in mind. That way, you can embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle that supports your diet preferences.

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