My Back Pain Coach Review – Does it truly Reliefs Back pains?

Have you heard about my back pain coach program, formerly called the Back pain relief 4 life program, and you are wondering whether the program works or not? In this review of my back pain coach program, we will shed comprehensive insights into it let you decide if it is for you.

Back Pain is a horrible pain that affects many of us at one time or the next, and it gets worse if it is long-lasting. This is because the back is a significant part of our body. It gives structure to our entire physique while ensuring that we can sit, run, and stand effectively. 

Having a horrible ache, shooting, or stabbing pain anywhere in your back can restrict your movement, and take the fun out of your day. Because the back is a complex region, different areas lead to different types of pain. The two most common pains you might be experiencing include the upper + middle back pain and the lower back pain.

my back pain coach
how back pain relief for life works and what to expect

Regardless of the type of pain, regular treatment routes usually include medications, surgery, and physical therapy.

Limitations of Conventional Treatment for Back Pain

Surgery is usually used as the last resort and medications, as the first for instant relief. However, prescribing pain medications for the back only presents short-circuit healing.

It means that the pain might get worse, which means you might need to use stronger medications, and soon it becomes an endless woeful circle. According to another research, medications and surgical treatments, may also lead to serious complications or even death from overuse of drugs and invasive treatments. 

Therefore, medications only deal with the symptoms in broken parts without dealing with the root cause of it. 

A Better Approach to Treating Back Pain

The third option, physical therapy, is the most recommended treatment for back pain. It treats the root cause of the pain by helping you learn proper body mechanics. Growing research supports the use of hands-on therapy as the first and most effective line of defense against back pain.

These exercises can be done on your own, with insights on how to handle your daily activities to stop the chronic pain from returning. 

One of such comprehensive, hands-on, physical therapy you can try for all sorts of back pains is  “my back pain coach program”.

What Is My Back Pain Coach Program?

Formerly branded as “back pain relief 4 life”, this program is focused on providing a holistic treatment that restores balance to your back muscles and, by doing so, alleviates the pain. 

It does not depend on medications, which only treat the symptoms but ensure that the root cause is eliminated. Thousands of back pain relief 4 life reviews talk about how natural and effective the program is to eliminate upper and lower back pain.

This program does not only treat the physical aspects of the back pain but deals with the mental aspect as well. With this holistic approach to back pain treatment, you will feel better and stronger over time.

In addition to that, you can stop the back pain from returning, which is life-transforming in itself, for anyone that has suffered from excruciating back pain. And that is what my back pain coach program was designed to help you achieve.

About the Creator

My back pain coach is a program formulated by Ian Hart, who spent many years dealing with back pain issues firsthand, and he deeply understands what it’s like dealing with that awful feeling every day.

He was helped out of his back pain by Bojan, a Serbian who studied at the University of Belgrade, who was later employed by his faculty and made some discoveries about the root cause of back pain and how unlearning certain movements and posture can correct them for good while incorporating new ones as a lifestyle. 

Armed with this knowledge, Ian Hart has helped thousands of people using the same techniques with lots of added certification and education to make back pain relief for life solve back pain issues for anyone that comes in contact with the program. 

Ian Hart is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He holds several other certifications and has been featured in the Fox Morning Show, New York 1 News, Men’s Health Magazine, and OK Magazine. Due to his profound understanding of chronic back pain, his all-natural techniques are very effective. 

How it Works

my back pain coach bonus

The entire program leans towards lifestyle changes but also begins with simple exercises that can train your muscles to be able to accommodate the stress of the day.

There are three main aspects: 

(1) the 28 core online video to learn eight foundational movements

(2) Nine targeted coaching sessions to provide additional tips for your lifestyle changes.

(3) One-on-one personalized coaching sessions with unlimited email access to Ian Hart and his support team. 

my back pain coach one on one coaching

However, you will first learn about eight foundational movements that can target the right spots in your back for better relief. These exercises were created based on Bojan’s profound study of human anatomy.

  • The first exercise will show you how to stimulate those unbalanced muscles to create a feeling of relaxation around them.
  • The second and third exercise will help alleviate tension from those muscles around your back organs.
  • The fourth will stimulate blood flow to ensure the right amount of nutrients flows through all those sore spots in your back. With this nutrient, your body can generate new cells and energy for the muscles. 
  • The fifth exercise aims towards increasing airflow around your body; that’s why it is centered on breathing deeply.
  • The sixth to eight exercise helps return your spine to its normal, painless form.

Bear in mind that these exercises might provide instant relief, but the pain will return after some time. 

To stop back pain completely, you have to continue the program for as long as necessary with targeted repetitions to bring about long-lasting results. 

If you are ready to begin your back pain-free journey, go here to get the program.

My Back Pain Coach Reviews and Benefits

This video above shows you what to expect from the “my back pain coach” program these are my back pain coach reviews of back pain relief 4 life customers now called my back pain coach.

The program is super easy to follow. When you enroll, you will access high-quality, detailed instructional guides, and videos. The entire program is about 60 minutes long. Therefore, all videos are short and packed with insights to do the right thing from the get-go. While the program helps relieve your lower and upper back pain, here are the full details of all you can benefit from it:

  • The correct way to stretch and gain instant relief while working
  • How to strengthen your core even when you spend a lot of time sitting
  • Mental techniques to help you keep the focus off the pain
  • Best ways to work on your glute when sitting on a chair
  • Specific exercises targeted to pains associated with sciatica
  • Best way to sleep when you have back pain
  • Spinal movements to improve your core and make them fluid
  • The correct alignment to your posture
  • Stretching exercises for your shoulders and necks
  • Strengthening exercises for your hip flexor muscles and head posture
  • Averting or minimizing tension and pain when sitting at a desk
  • Nutritional tips to boost your strength all round. 

In addition to all these listed above, the program comes with a 60 days Iron-clad, money-back guarantee you could use, put in place to make sure that you are either happy with the program and the results you’re getting from it or you get your money back.

Go here to get started.

What does it cost?

back pain relief for life

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program provides online sessions as well as onsite programs. They have dedicated facilities in South Carolina where you will need to pay 

  • $250 for regular one-to-one sessions or $150 for group sessions
  • $347 for off-hour emergency sessions

Nevertheless, their online program costs a lot less. You only have to pay $67 to receive the full package. You will also receive two bonus DVDs for quick-follow along with programs you can use whenever possible. 

Does My Back Pain Coach Really Work?

Because the back is made of complicated muscles, it is not an easy aspect of the body to treat. Therefore, you cannot use any physical therapy program once and expect relief immediately. You must be committed, disciplined, and attentive to the instructions given to see any beneficial results. 

The reality is that, if you are seeking a quick-fix relief cure to back pain, it doesn’t exist, and this program cannot give that to you.

However, with your dedication, “my back pain coach” will do wonderful things for you, and if you diligently follow the instructions, you will notice improvement gains under 3 days. So, the good news is that this is one most effective ways to eliminate back pain from your life.

To learn more or perhaps you’re ready to join the program, head over here for more details to get started with my back pain coach program.


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