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P3-OM 2.0 Review: High Strain, Vegan Probiotic: How Effective is it?

p3om review, p3-om probiotics

P3OM Review: how different is this vegan probiotic from others on the market?

Update: P3-OM just got better with the release of P3OM 2.0. The new and improved p3-om probiotics got a boost in the feeding formulation of the bacteria to make it two-times (2x) stronger.

To put that in clearer terms, picture P3-OM like a super gifted athlete whose diet isn’t really optimized for superior performance. With P3-OM 2.0, the guys at Bioptimizers have figured out the absolute medium the patented strain proteolytic probiotic would be most effective.

Considering the somewhat miraculous testimonials, probiotic p3-om review, and results gotten from the use of P3-OM, the results you would be getting with P3-OM 2.0 should blow your mind.

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Watch Wade Lightheart talk about the new improvement in P3OM 2.0 in the video below

Ever wondered why some people lose fat as fast as butter melting in the hot sun, and others find it extremely hard to lose a kilo or two even when living on grass and peanuts?

Or why it’s just too hard to maintain a healthy digestive system and a rock-solid immune system that gets going without tiring-out regardless of what is thrown at it?

The Hidden Truth Revealed:

Believe it or not, the human gut houses tens and thousands of bacteria.

Before you freak out over this news, what you should know over here is that not all bacteria that co-exist with us in our body are bad.

There are good as well as bad bacteria in our body at any given point in time.

The ratio of good and bad bacteria plays a key role in our general health and wellness. The 90:10 ratio is very important. The bad bacteria don’t pose great health risks as long as they stay a minority.

If bad bacteria are present in excess, they suck all the good things from you.

As a result, you might have trouble losing weight or gaining the desired amount of muscles.

Worse yet, you can have all kinds of digestive nightmares…

So, the trick is to have more good bacteria in your body than the bad ones.

Makes sense, right?

Probiotics: Brief Introduction

For those who don’t know, our gut bacteria alone are nearly 70% of our immune system. As they say, a weak immune system is a breeding ground for health issues.

On the other hand, a strong immune system can wipe out a host of potential health risks by acting as a shield for your body.

Therefore, to enjoy a healthy life, you need to have a good immune system, which should be powered by an army of good bacteria.

Probiotics are the good bacteria for the digestive system. Industry experts consider them the ‘new vitamin’ for our overall health and wellness.

After all, they are the ones that help us out.

Simply put, probiotics are the fighting soldiers in our body that go on full-fledged war with all the body destroying-stuff on a daily basis.

It only makes sense to supply your body with all the good bacteria you can.


This is where Bioptimizers p3-om can help you achieve this.

Introduction to P3-OM

As you might have guessed by now, P3OM is a probiotic supplement that wipes out all the bad bacteria and increases the good ones to improve a person’s overall health and well-being.

By doing this, the supplement helps in many key health areas of life such as:

-Help one lose stubborn fat faster than usual by boosting one’s body’s metabolism and clearing all blockages in the body.

-Aids faster muscle gain than usual by increasing the protein-digesting ability of the body.

-After acclimatizing, it helps to beat all common digestive problems. It prevents the onset of acid reflux, gas, and other stomach related issues.

Remember, you are getting all these blissful health benefits without making any changes to your existing diet.

Plus, the Bioptimizers p3-om supplement makes use of natural plant-based capsules which makes them safer than most Probiotics on the market.

Watch Wade Lightheart in the video review below talking extensively about probiotics in general and P3-OM.

How does P3OM work?

P3-OM is a cut above the scope because of the way it reacts in the body. When consumed, it sets the path for good bacteria to enter a person’s digestive system.

Once the good bacteria enter the GI tract, they detoxify the entire body by flushing out all the toxins present in the gut.

Of course, the primary goal is to help a user digest his/her food better so that the desirable nutrients don’t go waste. If you are not aware, a single capsule of p3om probiotic includes 250 mg of Lactobacillus Plantarum, which is the chief ingredient in the product.

Who can Consume P3-OM?

Anyone with a desire to improve his/her health can give a shot at P3-OM because it offers numerous health benefits which include fat loss, muscle gain, and better focus.

You can also take it to simply improve your digestive health. As you might already know, a good gut will decrease the likelihood of a host of health issues such as gas, acid reflux, constipation, and so on.

Simply put, P3-OM can fix a lot of health-related problems in your life. Given all the health benefits, P3-OM has a larger user appeal than its rivals.

How to Consume P3-OM probiotics?

To begin with, P3-OM doesn’t require you to make changes to your diet or exercise routine to experience all the health benefits it has to offer. This dietary supplement can be easily bought from the comforts of your home in six, three, or a single bottle.

A single bottle contains a generous supply of 120 capsules. Now, the consumption part differs a bit from your conventional probiotics capsules, and this also depends on the individual involved.

For best results, Wade Lightheart, the man behind the product advised users to take a capsule at night and right before a meal. Granted, it’s advisable you seek the guidance of a physician before embarking on any dosage.

Watch P3-OM Probiotics in action below on raw meat when used with MassZymes.

Are there are Side-Effects of using P3OM?

Gladly enough, there have been no reports of major side effects from the use of P3-OM probiotics capsules.

That being said, some users did report of upset stomach, but these instances were an absolute minority, which is part of the general side effects that occur when the body tries to adjust to a new good bacteria (more here). Others have been able to make P3-OM a part of their daily regime without any fuss.

So, it’s safe to claim that this dietary supplement has worked for most users without any adverse effect on their bodies.

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P3OM Pros:

P3-OM Cons:

Final Words:

P3-OM does an amazing job of keeping your body clean from the inside-out. It’s different from the probiotic supplements sold in the market today. Better yet, it’s completely vegan. So, our takeaway for the product is positive.

In our opinion, this product fits the bill of being tagged as a ‘health hero.’ Not trying to act as a brand ambassador for the product over here; only stating the facts based on personal and past user experience. You can pay condolence to all the bad bacteria in your gut with this dietary supplement.

As hinted before, the beauty of the product is that it gets the job done—a piece of information confirmed by tens and thousands of past P3OM users.

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