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The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review – Exposing The Matt Marshall Program

the underground fat loss manual

If you’ve heard about the underground fat loss manual, then you must wonder whether it’s the real deal or a waste of your precious time.

Looking at the thousands of programs out there that are completely B.S, you must also wonder whether this review is going to tell you anything different?

Well, I have gone through the program myself, and this is my attempt to share a totally unbiased review of the underground fat loss program by Matt Marshall to help anyone out there judge for themselves.

My goal is to help you cut through the claims out there to figure out the best way to lose weight, get healthy, and stay fit.

Obesity is a huge problem that affects us today. According to the WHO, over 1.9 billion adults are suffering from overweight and obesity. This is over 39% percent of the total adults on earth.  

Our children have also joined the cycle, with over 340 million children struggling with weight problems and developing chronic health issues at an early age.  

It’s no wonder, wherever you look around today, you find more people trying to lose weight in one way or the other. 

Most Fat Loss Programs Are Not Helping

But the sad thing is that they have no idea what works best and are stuck doing the same old stuff, such as “going to the gym” or “using pills” or “trying to take things slow.” 

A lot of us are simply stuck in a merry-go-round

We live in despair because we can’t find the one plan that gets rid of our problem fast and easily. 


Because being overweight or obese isn’t the same as having a normal weight. So many of these programs can’t work, because they recommend the same activities people with normal weight are using to stay fit. For instance, going to the gym alone can’t help because we don’t have the same calorie-burning capacity to burn all that extra fat.

Secondly, the amount of exercise used by the person with no extra or excess bodyweight can’t work for everyone. The amount of activity needed to shed all excess weight is almost impossible to attain since more stubborn fat is hanging on in our bodies, preventing most people from reaching their fat loss target. 

In addition to that, our work, home, lifestyle, and other extra commitments are making it difficult to have more time to focus on losing that excess body weight. 

Some fat loss lie commonly pushed by so called gurus

What then should work?

The best solution would be…

…a completely natural plan that gets rid of weight very fast without stress or too much effort. 

Of course, a lot of magic pills seem to give that rapid weight loss. But again, it unleashes thousands of side effects and can cause harm to the body, when used long term. 

So, you must quit wasting your time in the gym or using that magical drug as they aren’t worth it. 

Well, what do you think should work best? How do you get rid of weight fast and see incredible results without wasting a lot of time on the wrong things? 

Introducing the Underground Fat Loss Manual

Although titled Underground Fat Loss Manual, this program has one goal – to give you – fast and effortless results without putting you in harm’s way. The founder calls it the “cheat code” (there are lots of them in the program) to rapid fat loss without ruining your lifestyle… or drastically changing your diet.

So, how does this manual work?

Let’s start by giving you more details about the foundations of this manual. 

Underground Fat Loss Manual Overview

Name of Product: The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Creator: Matt Marshal


Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who can use the product: Everyone (Male and Female)

What is the Underground Fat Loss Manual?

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is about helping you “rip out fat like a band-aid.” 

It’s not about going slow on weight loss but cutting out 6 to 8% of body fat from the first month literally. 

Quite shocking, right?

You may wonder if this manual is going to introduce yet another fad diet that doesn’t work at all. 

So, let’s look at what the Underground Fat Loss Manual isn’t:

In general, the Underground Fat Loss Manual will teach you all the controversial fat loss tips, no one else is telling you about, probably because they are too scared to consider it. 

Sure, these tips are opinion based, but lots of people are doing it and getting interesting results. 

The good part…

This Underground Fat Loss Manual is totally natural and can fit into any lifestyle. However, I must admit, it requires adjusting your lifestyle around food slightly, but it is totally worth it for the results. Everything within this program is also handled entirely online, so you can get started right from your couch.

Moreover, the program provides motivation and support, making it possible for you to achieve and sustain your optimal weight with no side effects.

What about Matt Marshall?

One of the problems we’ve got with diets around us is that we cannot find their owners. All we see is a page put up somewhere with no links to who’s behind them. The Underground Fat Loss Manual is totally different.

The founder is a real person, with real everyday problems like you, so it’s easier to connect on a very personal level. 

However, that alone isn’t enough to consider getting involved yet; let’s look at all the program’s features. That way, I want to help you see if the program fits with your goals and is truly worth the effort or not.

Features of the Underground Fat Loss Program

When you purchase the program, you will receive the manual with all the step by step instructions for the program and your life afterward. The manual contains 21 easy to follow chapters. 

Some of the topics you can find in it include:

The topics outlined are just part of what you will find in the Underground Fat Loss Manual. 

However, here’s also a glimpse of some of the controversial tips, Matt says it will bring more weight loss without stress:

Looking at all of these above, you will agree that the guide is filled with many insights; you should see it. 

Go here to check it out!

Many of the information are also action-based steps, so you know what to follow in the first weeks and long after the first month. Matt made it very straightforward and easy, and the section dedicated to Advanced Weight Loss Tips alone is worth the value of buying one for yourself. 

But there’s more…

After purchasing the program, there are loads of benefits you can also receive, so I thought of bringing them to your attention. They include:

Scientific Evidence of the Program

Before selecting any program you find out there, it’s vital to know whether science truly backs it. 

  • The program tells the truth about Carbs

Carbs have got a bad rep in the media recently. But is that even the whole truth. Our bodies as humans run on glucose, so getting glucose or carbohydrates out of our meals is totally impossible. In fact, one more dietician actually lives healthy on a diet with 70% carbohydrate. Studies have also shown that processed food isn’t all criminal. The NHS website, in turn, tells you about the potential health program of cutting out carbs from your diet.

  • The program talks about the link between high protein and weight gain

Thousands of studies have shown that too much protein actually causes more weight, which is bad for you. Although the program uses a 2012 study, where low carb, high-protein weight loss was associated with harmful effects on the renal system. 

It also brings to your knowledge, a 2016 study where weight gain was achieved when proteins replaced carbs. 

Yes, you heard me right, proteins taking the place of carbs. High protein has many other harmful effects, including bad breath, constipation, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and many more.  

There are also studies that alcohol can help you lose weight, so the founder’s opinions aren’t out of the ordinary. 

Who Can Use the Underground Fat Loss Manual?

If you are concerned about who should be in or out of these benefits, you have nothing to worry about. As long as there are no health complications, you can use the manual. Also, it isn’t going to change your food choices but stay with whatever you like. So, if you are vegan or a meat-eater, this manual will fit with your food choices.  

Pros of the Underground Fat Loss Manual Program

Besides the scientific benefits, which we love about the program, here are other reasons we find the program excellent.

The manual considers our daily lives and uses a very simple structure, so you can instantly begin implementing the tips after buying. For instance, while putting off the day 1 scenario for the following day, you can immediately start the alcohol or nicotine gum scenario from the first night and start seeing results as well.

The program is all online and meant to be done at home. So you don’t have to leave your comfort for no reason. You can do everything at your own time.

Unlike many health programs out there, you will get to interact with the creator of this manual, for moral and personalized support.

There are hundreds of bonuses after your purchase, which means you get your money’s worth in a hundredfold.

The book comes with 60 days guarantee even if your entire results are to be seen in the first 30 days. That’s saying a lot.

The diet doesn’t try to cut out your favorite foods. Instead, it helps you eat them and still enjoy weight loss. It’s super simple and can be followed for a very long time.

Because it is simple and easy to follow, there’s room for all ages and sexes. How cool is that?

Unlike many other programs, you won’t be spending a lot of money on the book or the tips inside. So, everyone can afford the program literally.

Drawbacks of the Program

Like every other program, there are things we do not like about it. They include:

If you don’t like reading a lot of information, then you will be put off by the long sheets of data. Nevertheless, the long read is truly worth the effort, and you don’t have to read it all at once. You can read in steps as you put the rules and tips into practice. 

If you don’t like reading with a smartphone, tab, or computer, then it might be a hard sell. Of course, you can actually print your copy, but it’s never going to look like a true paperback, you would have enjoyed.

There are lots of extreme information in this manual that some people won’t even dream of trying. 

You have to be ready, disciplined, and determined to actually see results. The underground fat loss manual is off course, no magic drug. 

Some people might be put off by the creator’s style and language. He likes to swear and is no-nonsense. However, if you can tolerate a little harshness and get rid of your disbelief, this is perhaps the best fat loss diet out there.

Personally, I went through the entire program, and I saw significant results. I have now incorporated some of the principles Matt taught in the program into my lifestyle. Also, there’s Matt’s testimony and that of Big John on this page. In addition to that, because the program is backed by research, and you can get your money back in 60 days if you don’t like it, I think it is worth trying out.

Click here to get the full details about the program and download your copy.

The Verdict 

The Underground Fat Loss Program is about giving you real results from the get-go. Many of its focus is that lots of people will not follow a fitness program for very long if they aren’t seeing results within the first few days or weeks. Many of these claims are backed by research. So, he spent time putting together information that actually brings those results, so you can have enough motivation to continue your fitness journey. 

The program was created by a certified personal trainer that has worked with people of all ages and also dealt with his own weight loss issues in the past. So, he uncovered lots of fat loss tricks that are very detailed and proven to work efficiently.  

Is the Underground Fat Loss Manual a Scam?

What constitutes a scam is (1) selling claims with no backings, (2) receiving generic advice you can get elsewhere, (3) getting ripped with no results, or even receiving the product. So is the underground fat loss manual a scam? No, it is not. I got results trying it, and I think you will too.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is certainly backed by science. Even the controversial tips have been used by real people, including the author, so you will see results. And off course, many of his tips can’t be found elsewhere, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

Lastly, it isn’t a scam because you will receive a detailed instruction guide, guaranteed to get results. If you don’t like it or didn’t see anything meaningful, you can always get your money back. 

Do You Recommend It?

Absolutely, Yes. When compared to many other weight loss programs, this is by far one of the most inexpensive. 

Still, you will enjoy astounding benefits.  

Losing weight is an enormous task, and one of the reasons why 99% of people fail to do so. 

However, buying the Underground Fat Loss Manual is a ticket to getting rid of excess fat in the shortest possible time. But it also means making a defined effort. For instance, you can buy the guide, use some methods, and let go of others (especially the main program), without seeing results. So, you’ve got to make a lot of sacrifices and, in a short time, receive your just rewards. 

Also, bear in mind that the author does not totally discredit going to the gym, but simply shows you how that alone cannot solve the problem. In return, he provides a comprehensive approach that will get that excess fat out and keep them off long after that.

Therefore, I recommend giving it a try. Moreover, you have 60-days to find out for yourself if it works for you.  
Go here now to get it!

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